2019 CSA Harvest Box Program


What is a CSA? 

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”, a term that represents a pre-paid subscription program for farm produce. Customers, or CSA “members”, sign up in the spring by paying in advance for a weekly box, or “share”, of produce to be delivered over the course of the season.  Farmers benefit from the financial support early in the season, while CSA members benefit by receiving a weekly share of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Rootdown Farm CSA offers membership to the communities of Whistler and Pemberton.  As a member of our CSA you will receive a weekly share of fresh high-quality organic produce grown at Rootdown Farm in the Pemberton Meadows, learn more about where your food comes from, and take in the best of seasonal eating!

IMG_0851How is Rootdown Different? 

Rootdown offers 2 CSA Box Choices:

OPTION1. Traditional Box: A great option for the fresh food lovers who would take the adventure of having the farmer determine the box contents. This traditional box offers the freshest the farm has for the week! This option provides a great selection of produce for best value. This 15 week program includes one selection of produce at $28.00/week for a season total of $420. The boxes are valued at a higher price ($28-$30, depending on the time of year), ensuring that committed members receive great return on their dollar. Additionally, members will have access to our online store to add to their delivery!

OPTION2. “Build Your Own” Box: This option provides the most flexible option. Only eat kale and carrots, but eat them a lot? Then the “Build your Own Box” is a great option. This box allows members to build their own box every week choosing from what items are available each week, for a minimum of $20/wk. This program requires a season commitment of $450 to your online account, which gets debited with each week’s order. A commitment of purchasing weekly for our 15 week season is required.  Balances should be used by the season’s end, as unused balances will not be paid out.

Additionally, Rootdown Farm offers flexibility, rapport and a chance to connect with your community farm.

  • Each membership option has the ability to Add to your box Every week! Through our convenient on-line store you are able to get those tasty little carrots, or any other available favourite vegetable, whenever you desire!  As a CSA Member you can shop on-line with your account and stock-up for that special dinner party.

    2014-06-22 09.54.55

    Garlic scapes on display

  •  Although, we prefer a family member or friend to pick-up if you are on vacation, Rootdown offers a One-time HOLD Option for your box. The amount from this box will automatically get carried over in your account for future use.
  •  Great Farmer-Eater interactions! Our face-to-face market style delivery (Whistler only) and optional volunteer positions encourage opportunities to truly connect with your farmer and food.
  • Rootdown offers easy and convenient pick-ups. Avoid the hectic parking and the crowds of farmer’s market. Our week-day evening, convenient delivery locations create a timely and easy option for pick-up.
  •  Established in 2009, Rootdown farm and produce has been serving the tables of Pemberton and Whistler for many years.



Optional Volunteer Exchange

Have some extra time this season, and interested in getting your hands dirty with our farm crew?  Rootdown Farm is offering a few farm volunteer positions in exchange for a 2017 CSA Harvest box membership.  Volunteers will need to commit to 13 farm shifts of 4 hours from the last week of June till the first week of October.  In exchange volunteers will receive a membership to our 15 week CSA Traditional box program (valued at $420).

For any Harvest Box questions, or if interested in applying as a volunteer, please email to simone@rootdownfarm.net.