Organic Plant Sale Next Weekend!


Saturday, May 12th 9AM-12.

7717 Pemberton Meadows Rd.

Onions, Lettuce, Basil, Peppers, Tomatoes, Kale, Chard, Cabbage, Greens, and Farmer Advise for Gardening Enthusiasts!  Come ask questions and pick up some starts from our farm for your garden.


A sample of early summer…

No More Farmers Markets for Rootdown, but do not fear, there’s a better way to access our produce…

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A little sad, but mostly really exciting! We will not be attending the Whistler Market this year, in a move to branch out in new directions and try new things. Our regular, local and loyal customers may rest assured, because we have created more exciting ways to access our produce, leaving farmer’s markets crowds behind. Have a look at our CSA/Online store. We are still offering our weekly CSA Harvest Box, but this year we are taking it to the next level. What’s different?

Flexibility and Options.

Want to choose your own weekly box contents? No problem. Want us to choose your box contents. We can do that too. Want to add organic berries, stone fruit and apples to your box? We can do that. Want to go on holidays and put a week on hold? Done. Want to add extra items to your box and do it all on our convenient online store? Also taken care of.

Early Winter At the Farm

So because we can’t grow vegetables in the winter, we have turned our energies to such things as meat curing, sausage making, skiing, having babies and mitigating flooding. Hope you are all enjoying winter.