Turning the Page on Winter!

The first transplants are up and the greenhouse is quickly filling up with great potential!


Marisol “helping out” mom in the greenhouse.

Although at times, it has felt that winter would never quit, we are now seeing the early signs of spring, the first robins have returned, warmer temperatures and even some nighttime lows forecasted above freezing in the next week! Here we g(r)o(w)!

Our little family had the wonderful opportunity this past January to chase summertime down to Chilean Patagonia. One of our goals was to visit organic, small-scale farming operations that are located at similar latitudes to Pemberton, only on the opposite end of the globe, to share and learn what we could. ¬†Inspiring, educational and humbling we were welcomed into farms and families who were doing “more with less” in some incredibly remote corners of the rugged Patagonian landscape.

It is a truly beautiful place, the people, the topography and the culture. I highly recommend making a trip to the region of Patagonia.

For those who are looking for pics of great fresh veg, (as I know I am at this time of the year, dreaming of fresh greens..) follow the Instagram link below and be inspired by our friends and their harvest at the opposite end of the globe:)

Instagram for El Huerto de Cuatro Estaciones

We wish we could be there to celebrate with them!

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