A Fond Farewell

Hannah's favourite task

Hannah’s favourite task

This week at Rootdown, we say goodbye to Hannah, who has been here for the summer working on the farm. If you’ve visited us regularly at the Whistler Farmers Market, you’ve most likely met Hannah, with her big smile and endless energy!

Hannah joined us at the beginning of July from Ontario, and has spent her summer holiday weeding, harvesting and processing all of Rootdown’s bounty. Her strength has been highly valued by us all (heavy tote to lift? Call Hannah!), her tireless positive attitude keeps the rest of us smiling, and she has a knack for loving certain tasks that some of us prefer to avoid (squash blossom harvest anyone?).


  • Favourite farm task: clamming salad (putting salad in plastic clams sold at grocery store)
  • Crops she will be happy to leave behind: beans and zucchini
  • Stories she’ll take home to tell: opening the bee hives, seeing the bee colony, honey, and queen
  • Off-farm adventures: encounters with bears on her morning bike ride; local hikes to Joffrey Lakes and the Chief; camping and canoeing; exploring Whistler
  • Best part of the day: gelato time when work is done
  • Critters best avoided: mice
  • Favourite place on the farm: hanging out in the greenhouse

From all of us at Rootdown, thanks for your help this summer, Hannah! We’ll miss your smiling face, and we hope we’ll see you again next summer!

Hannah at our market stall

Hannah at our market stall

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