Work and Play as August Carries On and Away

With Slow Food Cycle as a pleasant memory in our minds the signs of Autumn begin to show themselves in the farm around us.  The cooler air and the cottonwood leaves, the topped tomatoes and cucumbers that grow quickly and hang heavily on their vines in a colourful display.


     Here at Rootdown, the greenhouse has been a place of life and excitement since the early stages of spring. Salad greens and spinach were kept through the winter and the transplants for our fields were started from seed and kept in the warmth before being hardened off for planting.

Image Image  Image

Everything has long been in the field for this year.  This week we’ll prepare next years garden, putting the animals in the far field and sowing a cover crop of fall Rye. We’ll seed salad greens for transplant to stand where the tomatoes grow, once the harvest is in and they’ve succumb to the cold.

We’re proud of the progress, and amazed by the growth. It was a treat for us to get to share it, with tours, last week.  We wanted to thank you all again for stopping by.

So get out there and hike, bike, climb, or sit back and read through another’s adventure.  Take our food with you to power you through the day because until it’s time to slip on our ski’s we’re happy here, listening to your stories.

A  big thanks to everyone for your energies and support.

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