June: “Weeding and Watering Month!”

This “Juneuary” we’ve been full-on, prepping for busy markets and enjoying the long, full days. With the solstice just behind us, and the first delivery of our CSA Produce Boxes scheduled for next week, we’re ramping up for another fabulous summer at Rootdown. Every day it seems we’ve got new things popping out of the fields, ready and waiting to be harvested and enjoyed. In light of all this, we thought we’d post a few photos, to give you a glimpse of life as it’s been on the farm this month.



This is what a sunny day in Field 2 looks like! Here we’re got lots of colour and lots of variety: broccoli, kale, cabbages, cauliflower, peas, squash, beans, corn, lettuces, parsley, specialty radishes and salad turnips have all been planted and are coming along nicely.


Making activated compost tea!


Weeding and Watering, watering and weeding!

Happy Herb Beds!

We’ve found so much four-leafed clover, we’re considering adding it to the salad mix… stay tuned!


The pigs and chickens are happy in their pastures (and some are happy free-ranging at the hen-gri-la!)




We’re excited to share another beautiful growing season with you. See you soon!

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