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We are please to announce the arrival of twelve healthy Tamworth pigs.  They are adapting well to their home and are less shy of us each day (as they learn that we are the ones who bring the food).  For now we are keeping them in a movable pen that our neighbour built for us (thanks John!).  It’s great because we can move it easily with our little tractor, which we need to do every couple of days (that’s how quickly these little pigs work up the soil without damaging it too much).  They’re doing a great job of rooting around and digging up weeds while also spreading their manure.  Soon they will outgrow this pen, however, at which time we will move them on to a larger pasture contained by electric fencing.  But for now we’ll keep moving the little pen and try to focus the pig action across as much future-vegetable field as possible.

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