Signs of Spring

The last of the snow is quickly melting from the field, pretty close to schedule according to our March 1st estimates!  Amazingly, the day’s length has already increased by a whole hour and twenty minutes since the March 21st Equinox!

Such a dynamic time of year, where it can be sunny and warm and over 40 degrees in the greenhouse and then still -5 nighttime temperatures!  Some days it feels like we get a whole year of weather conditions in one day.  As the days get longer and the sun gets higher in the sky, the signs of spring are blooming everywhere around the valley and at the farm, and the excitement for the season is building.


This is the time of year where things are changing and growing so quickly that we can see changes day to day around the farm, and the valley. Furthermore, as the snow disappears in the valley, there is still some time, and good snow to get up in the mountains and explore our alpine neighbourhood before officially retiring our skis for gumboots.  Given all the daily wonders of farming and living in the Pemberton valley in spring, I feel pretty lucky, spoiled like a millionaire, one that just happens to be broke most of the time.

Exploring our Pemberton neighbourhood

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Love the “Signs of Spring”pics.I guess I owe everyone dinner given the late departure of snow.Your Equinox table looks scrumptious!Keep well.

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