Two New Faces

Rootdown is happy to announce the arrival of two new faces on the farm.  First, we’d like you to meet our new farm dog, Buster!  We adopted him from just up the road a few weeks ago and he is proving to be a very good pup.  Part collie, lab, malamute and bouvier, we expect that he will be a big boy and will pull his weight around the farm by scaring off bears and protecting our chickens.  For now there is lots of training to do, but this is the time to do it!  Before things get busy with starting seedlings and working the fields, we are happy to spend many hours each day raising our new puppy!

Also, we’d like to welcome Niki Strutynski to the Rootdown team.  Niki met Sarah, Simone and Gavin while participating in an organic agriculture apprenticeship at the UBC Farm in 2008.  Since then she has been working on organic farms in the Okanagan, but now she is excited to be back closer to the coast and her old community in Vancouver.  We are excited to have her join us for the enthusiasm and experience that she brings (and to help with snow removal this winter!!!).

2 thoughts on “Two New Faces

  1. He is super cute! Can’t wait to see him live and in person.Don’t let him grow too fast but,with his pedigree,that may be wishful thinking.All the best for the rest of the winter and the new season

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