Snow, Snow, Snow!

From the Kitchen Window

There was a day when I used to get excited about the amount of snowfall each day; the more the better. That was my former life as a ski-bum. It couldn’t snow enough really. Joy would fill my heart when I would wake up and everything was covered in inches of the pure white, fluffy stuff. These days I am just as fervently checking the weather each night for snowfall amounts, but with a very different attitude. You see the more snow that falls, the more snow that needs to be cleared here on the farm. And a lotta snow has fallen lately. We have a long driveway, and then there is the large greenhouse (needs snow-clearing from the sides and the top), the chicken run, all the pathways to the house, the barn, the workshop… get the picture. We are just getting the hang of the tractor in the snow and it is not such a pretty sight seeing us trying to clear snow in an orderly, timely and aesthetically pleasing fashion. We will improve, this we know, but for now we stumble our way through it. And so now, as you see,  there is less time for skiing, because when there is snow, you know where we will be! All that being said, I am loving this life up here in the meadows. If it is possible, it is even more beautiful covered in a thick layer of that sweet (but sometimes frustrating) white stuff.

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