Makin’ The Bacon

What's for Breakfast

I went to eat breakfast the other day and realized that I had the option to eat our bacon. I hadn’t eaten any of the meat from our pigs yet and knew it was going to be quite the occasion, both mentally and culinarily. I felt pretty special walking back from storage with a dozen eggs and some strips of bacon in my hand knowing that not only was this to be a tasty breakfast, but also all product raised by us on the farm this year. However, it was strange for me to be thinking that I was holding in my hand the flesh of my pig that I had just seen roaming the fields a month or so ago. It does take time for me wrap my head around it even though I am always happy to eat meat that I have no connection with, without a second thought. So thanks to the pigs for nourishing us this winter. I feel a deep gratitude to you. I am conscious of all you have given us.

And by the way, breakfast was delicious.

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