Coming Full Circle From the Full Circle

Garlic Curing in the Barn

Last Fall I wrote about the planting of the garlic, which symbolically tied up our season, giving us a sense of having come full circle. Ending the season with a beginning. Well now that beginning has come to an end. We pulled our garlic from the ground last week and it looks beautiful. We have some of the larger bulbs I have seen on garlic. I guess we gave it just the right mix of our chicken manure, some cow manure from down the road and our own vegetable compost. It is now curing in the barn (so great to have space to do this now), giving off a beautiful aroma every time you enter to feed the ducks and chickens.

Now I hate to get you all excited about these glorious bulbs, because we are actually going to break up the cloves and replant them in the ground to create our next harvest for the 2011 season, rather than sell or eat them. It is heart-breaking for us to do this, but it is all about building for the future. We are working on creating our own locally adapted variety, by replanting our best bulbs each year. In the meantime, the best I can give you is these pictures.

5 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle From the Full Circle

  1. Well done. It is great to see your garlic did fantastically. I bet it does smell great.
    wishing you all the best in your endevours.

  2. Hi Simone,
    Just went into the site to see all the photos. What a wonderful place. Scenery is great and your vegetables and animals look like they are thriving. You all look like you really enjoy your job. Hoping to visit one of these day. Hope yesterday went well and looking forward to seeing you and TJ on the 22nd. Don and Norma Clare from Guelph, Ontario

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