Rootdown Rebooted

Sound like a clever marketing scheme? Maybe it is.

Seriously though, we know we have been out of communication for awhile, a long while. A big part of the story is that we have taken on a new piece of land. That’s right Rootdown Organics now has a new a permanent base of operations in the Pemberton Meadows! Please come and visit us anytime at 8425 Pemberton Meadows Road.

While it is very exciting and full of potential to have a permanent home for the farm (and the farmers), we may have bitten off a little more than we could chew planting directly into a sod field. Yes that’s right, we were so keen to grow more food for the local markets that we tilled up a piece of land that has been a hay field for many years and planted veggies right into it. Let’s just say that our ongoing battle with horsetail and cooch grass has kept us from doing much else (including keeping up with our blog communication).

Here’s the good news: we had a re-visioning meeting and decided it doesn’t make sense to kill ourselves trying to get a great harvest out of every crop we planted. The upshot is, we will still have alot of great veggies to harvest this year, but we will be able to put more energy into really building the potential for next year, and into maintaining contact with our lives and all the great people out there. We are going to share the task of committing to a short weekly blog entry, so we’ll speak to you soon. Thanks for sticking with us. For now, here are some photos from the season at the new farm site.

3 thoughts on “Rootdown Rebooted

  1. good for you guys, giving an honest report of the difficulties farmers can face, just trying to provide fresh veg for ourselves and the locals.
    chin up, keep it up and don’t give up!

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