Winter as a Farmer

Snowy Farm

My goodness. I think I forgot I was a farmer. The snow has come and we have been living a relatively relaxed and social life since the wind-down. We started off the close of the season with a quick trip away up the Sunshine Coast, then a quick hop over to Vancouver Island from there and back down to the Mainland. We visited many friends and farms along the way and even some friends with farms. These seem to be the circles we are moving in these days. Sarah then went to volunteer on a meditation course for 10 days and before we knew it Christmas was upon us. Now we are in January and it is time start thinking about ordering seed for next year…..woah!

Since last post a whopping 25ft of snow has fallen from the sky, needless to say  there has been a lot of  shoveling, a bunch of snow-shoeing and lots if skiing, both cross-country and downhill. Earlier in the season we stashed away some of the harvest (beets and carrots in sand, cabbage into sauerkraut, onions and squash in the crawl space, beans in the freezer and tomatoes into sauce) and are slowly eating our way through it. The chickens have dealt well with snow for the first time and are trucking around in it with no qualms and are still laying. Pretty good for a tropical bird. Can’t say the same for Pickles the cat who has taken to eating lots and staying indoors. Let’s just say he is not the Slim Jim he once was, sporting some extra winter layers.

Next steps are to plan for next year. What to buy, build, order and make in order to make our next season more efficient and therefore fruitful than the last, seems to be what is on the plate at the moment. It is very exciting. We will keep you posted, so to speak.

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