Root Down is closed for the season (that is unless you want eggs)…

Last Kits Market The Thanksgiving weekend (October 10th, 11th), marked the end of our first season. We attended our last markets and have finished the season having sold everything we grew, except for a few winter squash and of course the chickens are still laying. In fact they are laying up a storm and haven’t slowed down at all yet. Luckily we have friends hungry for eggs and we aren’t impartial to fritattas, omlettes, poached eggs, eggs on toast, fried eggs n’ ham…..(anyone got anymore suggestions?).

All in all the season was a great success. There is such a huge demand for local food at farmers markets, at restaurants and even to our surprise at supermarkets. In the end, we couldn’t keep up with the demand, turning requests away. This is extremely encouraging for next year.

But as for now, it is as if Mother Nature knew that we were done, so she took the sun away and brought us the rains. It really is fall and we have a whole lot less to do now. It is so odd, going from running to a crazy schedule for months, to contemplating what to do next after the first cup of morning coffee…

A few chores still to attend to, but first it is time to enjoy the down time with some good food, a good book and a little more sleep than usual.

2 thoughts on “Root Down is closed for the season (that is unless you want eggs)…

  1. Congratulations!! What an amazing reponse it sounds like you got from the market-goers, restaurants and supermarkets. Good luck to you in the spring and happy restful winter.
    Former JJ Bean employee, now happily recovering from a summer interning on a veggie farm, now installing renewable energy systems in Ontario and pining for the BC forests…

  2. I love your piggies-too bad they will become bacon in the fall.The greenhouse looks great.Hope all is well.Jeanne & I really enjoyed our visit.Good luck with your first market weekend.

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