Final Chores; -Garlic Planting

Chicken Ladies helping out with the garlic planting, or digging it up, not sure which.One of the last chores  for season is putting the garlic seed in the ground. It is kind of a great way to end….with a beginning. Everything else has been shut-down, pulled-out, or has started to break-down and decay, but the one last thread that ties us to the beginning of the whole cycle of next year is the planting and sprouting of the garlic. 

We planted ours October 13th, and it will actually initiate sprouting and root formation will occur before the dead-colds of winter arrive. At that point it sits dormant until the soil warms up enough in early spring. It isn’t long after, that the first sprouts start pushing their way through the warm blanket of straw mulch that covered the seed  through the winter.

Oh yeah, and the chickens tried to do their part to help. Unfortunately they thought they would help by scratching up the garlic we had just planted. There must have been a miscommunication somewhere. Needless to say there was some frustrated chasing of chickens with an umbrella that day (don’t ask, not sure why there was an umbrella nearby, but it was a handy tool at the time).

One thought on “Final Chores; -Garlic Planting

  1. Just a quick note to say thank you for your posts and your participation in biodynamic agriculture. I’m a friend of your sisters from Galston High who has since developed a passion for Anthroposophy and all things related. I also have a small vegie garden which I treat with BD compost and preps.
    Do you make your own?
    Be well

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