First Frost!

Frosty Morning

Frosty Morning

On October 4th we awoke to our first frost. It was just a light frost, but it was a big day for us as it marked the beginning of the end of our first year of farming. It didn’t wipe everything out, we still managed to harvest beans, zucchini’s and salads that day, but the unfortunate thing was that we had a crew of UBC students camping in our backyard that night. The girls were hardy and weren’t too fazed. They got themselves up, shook the ice from their tents and continued with their day by helping us harvest for one of out last markets. They are working on a Community Service Learning Project looking into the different levels of possibilities of cooperation and collaboration between small-scale farmers in this region. We are really looking forward to helping out with this

UBC Community Service Learning Crew

UBC Community Service Learning Crew


Spent Zucchini Plants

But back to the frosts, a couple of nights later, we were hit with the hard frost. The frost to end all production, except for the salad greens, which seem to just keep truckin’ along. We still have lots of squash, beets and the last of the carrots to sell, but this weekend is the last of the markets for us. Wow!

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