Sweet Potato Harvest

We planted sweet potatoes as a bit of an experiment early in the season. We propagated ‘slips’ from the UBC Farm’s sweet potato patch. We weren’t sure if they would make it here in Pemberton as they are traditionally a warmer climate crop, but with a little help from the hot summer and some mini-hoop houses we built, they actually produced a decent poundage. We are currently curing them in one of our sealed mini hoop-houses with a heater on, with some tarps for night-time insulation. They need to be cured in high humidity and 30-35C degree temperatures. There are 6 different varieties; toka, goergie jet bi-colour, nancy hall, oiraca red, excel and korean purple.Sweet potatoes ready for curingKorean Purple

One thought on “Sweet Potato Harvest

  1. Nice fluorescence! I am sad to say I haven’t seen any sweet potatoes rolling into the Halifax farmers market, and don’t know if they’re grown out here. PEI’s got me covered for potatoes, though.

    Beautiful harvest.

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