Here we are

Yes, here we are, we haven’t gone anywhere. In fact quite the opposite. We haven’t gone anywhere else but the farm. We have been fully ensconced in farm life, so much so that Gavin’s idea of a blog entry once a week not only fell behind, but really just dropped right off.  That and the fact that we don’t have much in the way of internet uploading power on the farm. This has prevented us from throwing down even the occasional entry. July was the last time we touched base and now we are well into September. I would say it is almost shameful, but when I think about the reality of how little time we have had for anything extra-curricula, I will let up on ourselves a little. 

The field is looking spectacular right now. It has come through it’s awkward, almost pubescent stage where the weeds are tall and lanky, the plants are small and scrawny and just haven’t quite come into their own. They now, however, find themselves bold, confident and comfortable in their own skins and are singing their songs at the top of their voices….that is to say they are producing well, have outgrown the weeds and need very little guidance and support from us. These are the glory days of farming. A little less work, the odd sleep in, fabulous harvests (not to mention the financial gains that go alongside this) and time to actually look around and really appreciate the beauty around us.

I won’t lie, late July and early August were hard, for me anyway. I can only speak for myself. I would even go so far as to say slightly hectic and a little overwhelming. A few technical glitches, some pest damage, record breaking heat, working under the constant view of forest fires and just the stark realization (rather like a swift kick in the head actually) of the sheer work and absolute dedication needed to pull this whole thing off. 

But here we are, enjoying ourselves and really reaping the benefits of all the hard work. We are looking back and understanding the things we can do in the future, but not spending too much time there. Coming back to the present to appreciate all that is what we have now, all that we have achieved. We are loving it and are starting to plan for next season, which is terribly exciting. I hope you keep reading and gaining enjoyment from this site…we promise to keep up the entries from here on in. Cheers.

Reaping the benefits of a good harvest....

Reaping the benefits of a good harvest....

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