We’re in business.

Rootdown Organics officially opened for business on May 20th, selling transplants (tomatoes, zuchinnis, basil, and other herbs) from our farmgate. We were so successful that we decided to take the show on the road and set up at the Squamish Farmer’s Market on Saturday May 23rd. The Squamish Market is something to behold: a lot full of vendors, and while it may not be teeming with customers like a Vancouver market, there was plenty to keep us busy and feeling good about ourselves and our transplants. We had a very succesful first market, and capped it off by winning the vendors 50/50 draw! We sold enough that we won’t be going back to market with our transplants, but still have some tomatoes and basil left, so if you need some plants please contact us. Our next Market will be East Vancouver (Trout Lake) market on June 27th, where we hopw to have lots of eggs, salad mix, radishes, kale, chard, basil, herbs, maybe even some zuchinnis amd tomatoes.

2 thoughts on “We’re in business.

  1. Hey Sarah!

    I heard about your website from Frances (a friend of Gavin’s) who lives up the road from you guys. Congratulations! Wow, I’m so impressed by what you guys have been able to accomplish thus far. We’ll definitely come and visit you and chat over a cup of tea and a little weeding. It sounds like you’ll be busy doing the farmer’s markets on the weekends. Do you have a stall at the Whistler market? I might be able to help you out if you do. When’s a good time for a visit.

    Give us a call: 604-628-2366 06 935-8606

    Great blog and website!


  2. Congrats farmies! We finally started selling too. We’ve got kale, scallopini squash, stawberries, rasberries and cherries and zucchinis up to our you know whats! I can’t believe we’ve eating cherry tomatoes for a week now. We’ve made a connection with a chef form a resort in Summerland who`s coming down to scope the bounty on Wednesday. I hope this business will unload some of the surplus.

    I miss you guys. Maybe if I ever get a 5 day workweek again, Jen and I can come down for a visit on the motorbike! Please tell me how the move to the cabin across the road is working out for youse.




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