Our babies are growing up…

Just a quick (and inaugural) note from Sarah in order to upload a few new shots for ya all. I should take the time now to mention how great ‘ole G has been to take the blog on 100% from the beginning to now…ah,what a man. 

Check out our seedlings now. The kale, leeks and onions have been in Alisha and Delaney’s  greenhouse down the road (check out their blog at Ice Cap Organics) for a couple of weeks now and they are striving and thriving like good little seedlings. HUGE thanks to those guys. And speaking of greenhouses, the Novice-Build-Your-Own-Greenhouse-Event 2009 has begun. A sneak preview of the event has been posted here. We will be finishing it off tomorrow and the weather is suppose to be hot and sunny! You might even get a glimpse of more flesh this time around. It is starting to get exciting.


Oh and one more thing. Did I mention just how fabulous that Kellie Langliers is?

One thought on “Our babies are growing up…

  1. Wow. Not quite sure what I did to deserve that big plug, but I am proud that my name has been broadcast in this most admirable of blogs! xx

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