Seeds, skis, & dogs

It’s been a beautiful and somewhat strange week in the Meadows…

First bit of exciting news: we started out first seeds! 6 flats of Copra storage onions, 1 flat each of Varna and Durabel leeks. We decided to mix our own starter medium, and added some composted chicken manure that we had available on the property. This has caused all kinds of concern, as we are afraid that the manure may make the mix too “hot” for the seedlings (maybe you heard Sarah speaking to Brian Mintner on the CBC last Thursday?). We did only add a little manure, and balanced it with a bit of limestone…Well, fingers crossed, we’ll see what happens – ahh the joys of being freshman farmers and learning as we go…

There has been some crazy shifting weather patterns this week too – some snow, one huge downpour of rain, and lots of clear, bright cold days. Its made for some great skiing and biking adventures.

We had our first houseguests this weekend – two beautiful honey colored canine visitors showed up at our door on Friday night and hung out with us for the whole weekend, not wanting to leave our side. Fortunately, we did find their owner on Sunday night. It was really lovely having canine friends for the weekend – kinda makes you want to get a dog (or 2 or 3)

2 thoughts on “Seeds, skis, & dogs

  1. Holy shit! That’s a whole lotta snow!
    Congratulations guys! It looks like a beautiful spot and I hope to come visit soon. (On a Vancouver note, Marco’s got our raised beds in and today I planted peas!)

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