Putting down roots in the Meadows

Yes, it’s official – we’ve left the city and moved to the land of the extremely well-postured farmer. We are

Pemberton Meadows - where farmers have great posture

Pemberton Meadows - where farmers have great posture

enjoying our first week living in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows, and gorgeous weather, unbelievable mountain views and stunning quiet have lured us away from doing any serious work on planning our growing season. We do have most of our seed ordered, and plan to start our onions and leeks indoors this week (though we’re still waiting for some of our seed – seed companies don’t all seem to understand the need to get onions started early). In addition to the alliums, we plan to grow carrots, beets, parsnips, summer squash, winter squash, beans, radishes, salad greens, sweet potatoes, and perhaps some feed grain, as well as raising a flock of 26 laying hens (Bovan’s Browns). All this diverse activity will take place mostly on one acre of the Helmer’s property, with the possible addition of up to one acre further up the valley. We plan to hit the farmer’s markets in Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish, and Vancouver, as well as supplying select chefs and friends and family when we’re in the hood. Follow along with us in this first year of discovery – there are sure to be no shortage of entertaining moments!

9 thoughts on “Putting down roots in the Meadows

  1. hi Sarah & Gavin,
    good luck with the venture. i’m sure it will be exasperating but rewarding.
    it looks like good land for snow peas (as if you haven’t heard that before)
    love chris

  2. Thrilling, you guys! Can’t wait to keep track of you online. First a cell phone, Sare, and now a blog?!~ What’s next? A Blackberry? A Facebook page? Look out cyberworld!

  3. yay for the both of you. WHat a great adventure to be going on – what you have worked so hard for is coming to fruition, and we are so proud of you for jumping in! We look forward to viewing your blog and finding out what is happening in the lives of the farmers. We will visit when we can!! huga and kiisses, love ya heaps, Lisa, Lincoln, and Finnian

  4. SO great to see things unfolding for you two! We are thinking of you often an can’t wait to see you again (and meet you finally Gavin!)
    stay warm…hugs >>>Lisa, Shanto & Oskar

  5. Thanks for the updates!
    I look forward to more photos of your progress – and your food!
    Hope to see yous soon,
    – James.

  6. WOW…..it’s all happening. So great to see your dreams coming true.
    Wishing you both much success and happiness.
    Sar, I was thinking of you a lot over the weekend as I wandered through dads veggie garden picking beans, basil, peppers…then off to the orchard and picked apples and grapefruit. love to both of you. Ky xx

  7. You guys are living it! Way to go. Can’t wait to see the veggies. I hope to learn from your triumphs and failures. Ha! Take care. Janaya and Derek say howdy.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    I want to run away to your world!!
    It looks fabulous, skiing and farming….my kind of life.
    If only we could afford the 6 flights we’d need to get there, or just one for me.
    We are doing Canada as a geography project that we’ll present to about 10 other families on 20th June. Can the kids think up some questions to interview you with about cold climate farming. No, we would be cold climate farming, you would be farming under the freeze. Is your email addy the same as before you moved?

    Love ya

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