CSA Harvest Box

LOCAL FOOD FOR LOCAL FOLKS!beethands2015 CSA Harvest Boxes

June to October

For questions email: simone@rootdownfarm.net

Stay Tuned for Updated Sign-up Mid-March 2015!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”, a term that has come to represent a range of pre-paid subscriptions programs for farm produce. Generally customers, or CSA “members”, sign up in the spring by paying in advance for a weekly box, or “share”, of produce to be delivered over the course of the season.

This model strengthens connections between communities and farmers.  Farmers benefit from the financial support early in the season, while CSA members benefit from connecting with a local farmer for a whole season and receiving a weekly share of fresh produce. This relationship allows members to learn more about the farm and what’s in season, and to connect with the people and land that grow their food!

The Rootdown CSA

Rootdown Organic Farm is pleased to offer a CSA program to our local communities of Pemberton and Whistler. We value the connection and support that a CSA builds with our local customers. As a member in our CSA you will receive a weekly delivery of fresh, high-quality, organic produce from our farm in the Pemberton Meadows.

Our CSA members also receive special items that we only grow in small quantities and do not have for sale at regular markets.

Optional Volunteer Exchange

Have some extra time this season, and interested in getting your hands dirty with our farm crew?  Rootdown Farm is offering a few farm volunteer positions in exchange for a 2015 CSA Harvest box membership.  Volunteers will need to commit to 13 farm shifts of 5 hours from the last week of June till the week before Thanksgiving.  In exchange volunteers will receive a farm lunch at the end of their work shift as well as a membership to our 15 week CSA Harvest box program (valued at $400).  For any questions, or if interested in applying, please email to simone@rootdownfarm.net.